4 Characteristics that can predict a CEO

This article will help you to analyze which possibility may indicate you as a CEO talent. If you expect and desire to the rein of the company which you work for one day, we must know how we could be eligible to be a CEO or CFO or what else position as senior post.

Actually there are four main characteristics that may predict whether you could be a Senior Post, separately as execution skill, general ability, charisma and strategic skill. according to a recent study by Steven N. Kaplan at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Morten Sorensen at Copenhagen Business School. This result is based on analysis of interview about 2600 of candidates for Senior Post like CEO, CFO and COO and so on. Meanwhile, candidates have to interview with a professional firm for four hours long, after that researches classify as four groups according to the 30 traits from these 2600 interviewees. These traits has been mentioned above.

When they interview with business insider, Kaplan said that general ability is basically talents as versatile cover all of 30 traits, means your score on all 30 traits. The second, Execution Skill influence you to get things done should be high efficient, active, willpower, however Charm as another characteristic own persuasion and passion. Certainly, Strategic Skills are around macro thinking and creativity. In meantime, CEO may gain high scores for all four characteristics, by the second rank, COO candidates were in the middle. However CFO interviewees already rank the third according the scores of all four characteristics. Another analysis after survey found that all interviewees for other supervisor position but not including CEO were to get hired as CEO position later during the period of 5-10 years.

There is one specially interesting finding as CEO interviewees were rated low on interpersonal skill. After this finding, Kaplan and Sorensen cited an example of Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. to prove that execution skills are mainly related to CEO success. Steve Jobs was well known for criticizing staffs, but he also led Apple to be a giant now. Yet, the study found that the most of interviewers overvalue interpersonal skills when they recommend hires for companies. Finally, candidates got hired should be score higher than average on interpersonal skills.

After all mentioned above, you should know what is your weakness point, then it will be helpful to know you should work to develop according to the weak characteristic. Certainly, in the interview normally you may wise to flaunt your personal skills. In another hand, for interviewers from company you may know who

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