About us

Created in 2002, The C100 Executive Forum is a premium think-tank of CEOs and C-Suite Executives from Belgium’s foremost companies to share experiences, learn from best practices, and confront opinions on key corporate leadership, business governance, and societal transformation challenges.
Members gather twice a year for off-the-record conversations about how the nexus of economic, social, technology and compliance forces impacts the corporate organisation – and how C-Suite Leaders should best respond to them.

The C100 (Circle of 100) is unique in that it maintains an unparalleled level of effectiveness, interaction and knowledge sharing among C-Suite peers. It delivers inspirations from real-world cases, stimulates forward-thinking conversations, and facilitates connections at the highest level within a private and highly collaborative environment.

As an elitist and discreet place to think, the C100 is voluntarily kept discreet and therefore not seeking for the spotlights and appearance in the media.

Membership to the C100 is by personal invitation only.