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independent intellectual property rights and complete process technology related to it. Our rubber membrane plate and TPE filter plate have gained national patent. And we are the leader in the same industry to pass the ISO9001 international quality and ISO14001 international environment system certification. We not only pursue the filter press performance of itself, but concentrate more on specialization of filter press, for providing our customers with better service. Filter presses are comprised of numerous interlocking filter discs. These are covered with a membrane, which here exercises the filter element function.

Your equipment is serialized and comes with specific drawings and specifications. Access them online to request parts through an easy user interface. This membrane is designed to de water the most difficult sludge and protects the plates against potential cake less chambers. SmartFEED Exchange the filter cloths in your filter press with up to 40% less downtime.

industrial filter press

Applications These devices are common in the food industry, as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. In addition, they are employed to dewater sludge in wastewater treatment plants. Membrane Filter PressThe membrane filter chamber are formed by mixed membrane filter plates and chamber filter plates,the feeding pump feed the sludge …

When your daily wastewater needs to be collected and treated by a chemical process, a Met-Chem Batch Waste Treatment System can be built to accompany your filter press. The filter press skeleton and filter press plates need zero repairs and as long as the press is operated properly. For 20 years, Jingjin have teamed up to 400+ global government and business,Jingjin filter press municipal services in 200+ production,clean water projects and so on. The industrial filter press pack consists of plastic plates with a central manifold for distributing the product to filter and manifolds … Unmatched filter press portfolio of both sidebar and overhead filter presses – whatever the need is. China Environmental Protection industry Association and the primary drafter of national standards for filter press and filer plates.The filter press’s production capacity …

We are the fastest growing filter press manufacturer in India with latest manufacturing technology. In an automatic filter press, as the name implies, the whole process is automated. The precise design makes it easy to maintain with a long service life. Our mobile filter presses, which are equipped with or without feed pumps, hold a sludge volume of approx.

Only in exceptional cases are the substances used as agricultural fertilisers. FFP Systems Incorporated designs and manufactures dewatering equipment internationally, committed to quality, we provide reliable products, service and support to our customers and their dewatering requirements. Filter presses used to separate solids from solids through a filtration process where the product can be the liquid or filtrate , the solid or cake , or both . Three different models available with a variety of filter press plates constructed in either polypropylent, ductile iron, aluminum or stainless steel, for all size presses. Widely used in a variety of industries, the belt filter press carries out a combined thickening and dewatering process and is an integrated device for sludge and waste water treatment. Micronics offers customers a variety of filter press options, depending upon the specific needs for cycle time, filter press cloth life, and degree of operator involvement desired.