Considering the demand for shear testing equipment

North American region is dominating the market due to high expenditure on research and development and enforcement of stringent standards in the region. On the other hand, lack of technical knowledge required for using shear testing equipment is one of the major challenges hindering the growth of shear testing equipment market. Previously, oto manufacturers tested inverters with motors at high-cost dynamometer facilities with concrete bunkers that contained high tốc độ equipment failures. The newly designed equipment at the University of Warwick is smaller, less costly, easier to access, and allows manufacturers to test components in isolation – i.e., the inverter – without the motor. This technology is also applicable to applications in other sectors. Development of diagnostics laboratories and healthcare expansion in Asian countries like Trung Quốc, Nhật Bản, and India will contribute to the market growth of blood testing equipment in the region.

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Focus of manufacturers on the development of tensile testing machines that comply with the required industrial standards is a major factor driving the usage of tensile testing machines. This factor is estimated to propel the market during the forecast period. Tensile testing is a common method used to test quality of materials.

The Technical University of Munich uses a materials testing machine from ZwickRoell to perform tensile, compression and flexure tests on the wheels and coatings. Max-Planck-Institute uses a high-temperature tensile testing machine from ZwickRoell for tests on high-performance materials. Cheese producer Hochland uses a zwickiLine universal testing machine from ZwickRoell for texture analysis of different cheese products. Uni Petrol – For quality control of synthetic polyethylene and polypropylene the petrochemical manufacturer uses testing machines from ZwickRoell to determine the material’s tensile properties.

Shimadzu offers a range of first-class testing instruments to meet R&D requirements in the development of safer and higher quality materials and products. With Universal/Tensile Testers lượt thích the AG-X plus Series, AGS-X Series and the Table-top EZ Test Series, Capillary Flow and Endurance Testers, and a variety of Micro Hardness Testers lượt thích the DUH-211 Series, the choice is yours. Software – testing software is intended to make the testing process easier for the operator and ensure uniform and standard-compliant test configurations. For tests that go beyond the standard or for the ability to freely configure the test sequence of your machine, our software offers pre-prepared master test programs. For automated tensile tests, the testing machine is supplemented with a robotic testing system, which removes specimens from a magazine and inserts them in the specimen grips of the machine.

The fatigue test was automatically terminated as soon as the r.m.s. value of the vibration acceleration exceeded 7.8m/s2. A test time was recorded by an integrating timer connected with the electric circuit of a motor. Movement of the point of specimen centre is less than 2μm during cyclic test with a strain range of 1%. The specimen can be heated up to 1000°C by the induction-heating device with a heating coil.

Please refer to the winTest software datasheet for further information. The included mounting arm which attaches to the machine column T-Slots is fully adjustable for height, reach and viewing angle allowing the user to find the most ergonomic working position. When paired with the optional IPC3 industrial-grade Panel PC with touchscreen control, the machine becomes a robust standalone system without the need for an external PC or Laptop. Rigid frame, using precision linear guidance system and rigid extruded support column. Electronic limit trips, total travel trips and customer programmable safety stops.

Among other things, the influence of deformation on electrical resistance is determined. As a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of wire and cable products, Superior Essex helps power our interconnected society. DSM performs a broad range of standard and non-standard material tests. And if you need to understand the friction between the surfaces of your products and packages. Or – as our engineers Call it – the coefficient of friction value, we have advanced friction and peel testers to measure surface properties of sheet substrates.