Inferior shaped seamless steel pipes characteristics

Shaped seamless steel pipe plays a vital role in urban construction. Its quality directly affects the solidity and quality of living buildings. In order to choose a high-quality square tube in the square tube market of fish-eye mixing, first To learn to identify inferior square tubes, the profiled seamless steel tubes are all layered inspections by special-shaped seamless steel pipe experts. The sold-shaped seamless steel pipes are sold all over the country and have been well received by consumers seamless steel pipe supplier. They are inferior to the shape of seamless steel pipes. Of course, I have my own unique views. Inferior shaped seamless steel pipes have the following characteristics:

Inferior shaped seamless steel pipes characteristics metallic luster on the surface

Some inferior shaped seamless steel tubes are made of adobe, and the temperature is not standard. The steel temperature is grasped by visual inspection, so that the reddish or pig iron color will appear in the rolled, and there is no metallic luster of the genuine shaped seamless steel pipe. Not to mention the above.

2.The surface is not smooth

Inferior shaped seamless steel tubes may have surface folding, pitting, crusting, cracks, and scratches due to the use of raw materials, poor rolling equipment, unskilled technical methods, and low cost. Generally, this situation can be passed. It is found by the naked eye that it is recommended that the majority of consumption encounter these conditions, we must be rationally treated, do not buy inferior square tubes for the sake of cheaper, the strength and hardness of these shaped seamless steel tubes are not up to standard, it will affect the future use. of.

3. size and weight are not qualified

Generally, the size of the inferior-shaped seamless steel pipe fluctuates greatly, and in order to save raw materials, most of the weight is not enough. Therefore, when purchasing the square tube, you can look at the national standard and size in advance, and you can request accurate when viewing the sample. Square tube size and weight. This will avoid being fooled.

4. cross section and cutting head uneven

In order to save raw materials, the inferior profiled seamless steel pipe has a large amount of reduction in the front of the finished roll, resulting in an elliptical cross section, and the cut section of the inferior square pipe often has a meat drop condition, that is, unevenness. Therefore, once the cross section of the square tube is found to be elliptical, and the head is uneven, we must be vigilant. This is the inferior square tube.

The above four points are summarized in the performance characteristics of the inferior shaped seamless steel pipe. With the experience of the experienced square tube market, the purchase of shaped seamless steel pipe is the most insurance for the well-known enterprises in the country, and the after-sales service can also be guaranteed. The square pipes are all from the domestic large steel mills, in line with international standards, and are the wise choice for everyone to buy shaped seamless steel tubes.

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