Jingjin has many professional and experienced senior engineers

and can provide professional liquid-solid separation solutions for our customers. We have 130 senior engineer, they have master theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Process engineer personnel of Jingjin has been to overseas for a long time, and be aware of customer’s production site.

We consistent keeping our business tenet of the utmost good faith and pragmatic work style. The plates and frame rest on heavy type steel plates, The frame is very rigid and durable and can stand very high pressure. We offer an array of integrated filtration services that combine top-of-the-range technology with deep sector expertise. Latham International Ltd is situated in Newcastle-under-Lyme area, which is in the centre of England, between Manchester and Birmingham. Established in the UK in 1981, originally under the company name Latham Engineering Services Ltd . We are one of the world’s foremost providers of pressure filtration technology and the Coagulation and Flocculation processes.

This initial layer becomes the filtering media which will enhance the filterability of the incoming slurry. These include configurations such as sidebar automatic, manual overhead, automatic dual overhead beam, stainless steel clad, explosion-proof filter presses, vacuum filter presses, and hand filter presses. City Filter Press is a filter press manufacturer works on custom design simply operated filter press for various industrial processes and wastewater treatment plants. Industrial filter press manufacturer located in Istanbul Turkey. Seek out a supplier on Alibaba.com to get a cheap screw press dewatering machine that is easy to operate.

sludge filter press

Each unit is sent in safe, durable packaging that is designed for shipping anywhere, even by sea. Industries served include water, wastewater, OEM, aerospace, petrochem, oil production, chemical manufacturing, chemical distribution, metal finishing, and food processing. Our filter press Adopt German Technology with range filtration area 0.6 to 1190 sq meters, with hydraulic closing, plates automatic shifting for optional. As well as membrane series filter presses are designed for reducing the filter cake moisture content & shorten the filtration cycle time. Custom design filter presses & filter plates are also welcomed. Jingjin Equipment Inc. filter press, filter plate, filter cloth suppliers, manufacturers, factories from china.Jingjin Equipment Inc. was founded in 1988.

Liên hệ us for advice on the benefits of these portable skid-mounted systems. Specialty Coatings for Filter Presses – For extremely corrosive environments Met-Chem can provide specialty coatings to replace our standard 2-part epoxy paint. This can include sand blasting of the frame and the addition of a 2-part Vinyl Ester Coating. The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group will help you achieve your production goals, with Engineered Filtration Solutions appropriate for your industry application, and set of operating conditions.

The operator can move the dumpster to a roll-off container with the forklift and then pull the release pin for easy emptying. The dumpster can then be snapped back to the upright position and put back under the filter press. Skid-Mounted Precoat Stations can be customized and operated differently depending on the process of your specific application.