By addressing real-world business trends, C100 meetings are highly compelling and actionable. Participants come to grips with real issues in real time, in a give-and-take setting, and with no holds barred on how to rethink and lead the high-performing organization of the future. Each meeting offers the rare opportunity to share ideas with C-suite peers and learn from one another in an informal atmosphere of collaborative dialogue. Meetings are followed by an executive dinner to enable further discussions and lively personal connections in smaller groups.

Themes addressed at the C100 are selected upon deep research on timely economic, business and managerial trends, conveyed by real-life cases and best practices. And thanks to the prestige and influence of our members, we bring the very best business ideas, industry expertise and managerial visions from around the world to provide the necessary insights and address the issues that are truly top-of-mind for CEOs and their C-suite.
Recent sessions adressed, among others: The new CEO mandate; Re-assessing the new perimeters of risk management; Managing reputational risk; Why digital strategies become people strategies; Realizing the innovation pay-off; Readiness for growth; Collaboration at the intersection of humans and machines; Etc.

The C100 is completely independent from any commercial, media or political influence. Any academical, theoretical and commercial speeches are strictly banned from the C100 to ensure attendees receive unbiased and road tested insights they can’t find anywhere else.