7 Common Misconceptions CEOs Have About Web Development

CEO often have misconceptions about web development. Because as a company business is much more to be considered than only the website online presence. Now conclusion of 6 common misconceptions as below for the most of related insiders knowing.

1. Initiating everyone to be involved

Only involving the people who will do the work discuss the project of website rather than packing all the staff into a conference room. Only compiling your content strategy, brand assets, business objectives and user flows, but not spending time to contemplate deep technical planning, layouts, designs or database frame.

2. Easy thing about Website development

There is no other way to place it. Internet design and development is not straightforward. There are loads of websites out there which seem easy, simple, or simple, but for 99.9 percent of these it is safe to say they did not turn out this way without a thorough process and a great deal of hard work. Each feature on a website has to be thought through correctly to make sure that it matches the general goals of not only the website, but the business too.

3. It is my site, I dictate it

You should not employ a web designer simply to get them do precisely what you would like. You employ them for their experience rather than only web designing but also in online/digital advertising. They are not just creating pretty layouts for design sake. They are doing it to achieve a bigger goal — to help your company succeed and earn more income.

That does not mean that you can not offer you constructive feedback — that is vital to the procedure. However, micro-managing or never being receptive to the ideas and wisdom of the professional you hired will bite you in the long run. Rather, trust them they know what they’re doing and have the wisdom to push traffic and attract visitors to contributes to clients. When they don’t understand how to do so, get a brand new internet design service.

4. Website is done, the job is done

A web site is never completed. The internet is constantly changing. Websites and pages have to be continuously upgraded — even if only for safety purposes — to remain with or ahead of best practices, emerging trends, and technologies generally.

5. My site should last long long time

The website and its technology never stop the pace for developing and changing. Sometimes may think about really crazy fast. Due to these continual alterations, anticipating your website in order to last for over five years or a decade is somewhat unrealistic. Kind of like this pair of corduroy trousers that you truly expect return in fashion.

6. I may just imitate any site

If you consider that some sites are so nice and let us do the same thing, that is really terrible. It is not a good strategy as recommendation.

Other sites — such as rival websites — must serve as an inspiration to get what they are doing right (as well as what they are doing not so appropriate). Copying anyone else ensures that the business blends in and does not have any real character or brand of its own. This”me too” mentality makes your business exactly like every other and will not stand out whatsoever that usually means you are not showing some advantage over the competition.

7. Web Design should not cost so expensive

It is uncertain where this misconception came out, but it is a frustrating you to just about every designer and programmer. Even though a trip to some unique, easy, and gorgeous website might look like it was simple and cheap to make, broadly , it was not.

The type of ability and ability required to create a really unique, lovely, and money-generating site is grossly misunderstood. Terrific website designers are a lot more than pixel pushers — they do much more than simply make your site attractive.

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