The position of the tail should be carefully planned as it could have substantial impact on the design of the membrane switch

A minimum clearance of .10 from tail edges for the tracks and a .040 minimum for each track must be allowed. Polyester is a more robust material that has superior life cycle and chemical resistance properties. In life cycle testing, polyester shows no signs of wear at 1,000,000 cycles. However, polyester, due to its memory properties, frequently requires hydroforming rather than embossing.

Clear Encapsulant – UVD-11 Clear Encapsulate was developed to provide additional mechanical strength in attaching a component to a substrate. It is a UV cured dispensable coating compatible with thermally cured epoxies and is suitable for both flexible and rigid substrates. Crisp Tactile Feel – due to the process and the dome geometries developed, Xymox ensures a firm “snap” throughout the specified life of the switch.


Membrane switches are primarily utilized with microprocessor based control systems found in medical, communication, instrumentation and appliance products. In a typical design, two or more layers of woven fiber-optic cloth are used to khung a rectangular light-emitting area. The fibers coming off one end are then bundled into a circular ferrule and coupled to one or more LED light sources. Optical fibers are not affected by extremes in humidity (0% to 100%) or temperature (-40 to + 85 deg C). The ASTM defines a membrane switch as “a momentary switch device in which at least one tương tác is on, or made of, a flexible substrate.”

SCHURTER Solutions networks the internal competences to be able to offer complete solutions to the customers. Two or more layers of woven fiber-optic cloth are utilized to make a rectangular light-emitting region in a typical design. Extremes in humidity or temperature have little effect on optical fibers. We have very long experience of the products and services we offer.

Input voltage and current shall meet the performance requirements of the switch. You can also schedule a free Design For Manufacturing review with our engineering team. A DFM review is a great opportunity to reduce project costs and lead times before we get started with manufacturing. ECI Technologies uses state of the art design and production techniques to produce simple to complex Membrane Switches and Membrane Keypad assemblies.

Based on our high technology know-how, we fulfill your customer-specific requirements – from the simple touch point to the complete solution, in the highest quality and sophisticated design. SCHURTER offers various products and solutions specifically designed to specific industry segments. The typical requirements of the specific industries are taken into consideration. Manufacturers widely use conductive glues in surface mounting components. However, the bond strength of conductive glues is not strong enough to withstand environments with excessive vibration or extreme temperature fluctuation. On the other hand, FPC circuits use a soldered connection to affix components.

membrane keypad

They are reliable, effective, low-cost user interfaces, suitable for a wide range of products, and available with many creative options. For engineers of user interfaces for high-performance electronic applications – such as medical devices and rugged outdoor machinery – the membrane switch is often an afterthought in the overall design process. Providing the sole connection between the human user and machine, the membrane switch circuitry is separated from the outside elements by only a graphic overlay.

Adding backlighting to a membrane switch design makes it easier for users to interact with the switch, draw attention to a specific area, or improve visibility in environments with low lighting. We provide Light Guide Film, LEDs, EL lighting, and Fiber Optic lighting options to meet your application’s requirements. Although membrane switches have been around for many years, they have proven to be very versatile and easily adaptable to new technology. As a membrane switch and keypad manufacturer, Quad Industries offers a wide range of modern features.

Membrane switches, also known as membrane panels or keypads, are electrical switches with a user interface to control equipment and machines. The top layer is typically the graphical interface, also known as a graphic overlay, which identifies the functions being controlled using icons or text. The adhesive is important in two layers of membrane switches; it combines the switch to the graphic overlay and will bind the entire assembly to your product. There are numerous differences in adhesives; selecting the proper adhesive for application requires consideration of environmental, surface, appearance and other performance requirements.