Each unit is sent in safe, durable packaging that is designed for shipping anywhere

Each unit is sent in safe, durable packaging that is designed for shipping anywhere, even by sea. Industries served include water, wastewater, OEM, aerospace, petrochem, oil production, chemical manufacturing, chemical distribution, metal finishing, and food processing. Our filter press Adopt German Technology with range filtration area 0.6 to 1190 sq meters, with hydraulic closing, plates automatic shifting for optional. As well as membrane series filter presses are designed for reducing the filter cake moisture nội dung & shorten the filtration cycle time. Custom design filter presses & filter plates are also welcomed. Jingjin Equipment Inc. filter press, filter plate, filter cloth suppliers, manufacturers, factories from china.Jingjin Equipment Inc. was founded in 1988.

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Sludge dewatering using filter presses has become accepted as a reliable and efficient method of dewatering effluents and sludges from industrial and municipal waste treatment processes. Buy a filter press at Alibaba.com and remove water from vast amounts of sludge or sewage. Get a high-quality machine that can be used in many industrial applications. Lower the cost of labor and increase efficiency to reach production goals faster. Manufacturer of standard and custom filter thermal presses. C-frame systems are available for heat staking, swaging, sealing, insertion, film/filter sealing/welding, heat seal connectors, hot bar soldering and other precision assembly processes.

J-Press® Plate Shifters are engineered systems to provide efficient cake removal. Perfectly designed shifting mechanism eliminates manual labor completely. SmartLIFT lifting device for filter press maintenance Hydraulic lifting device for filter press maintenance. Company adhering to the tenet of “quality first, credit important, specification complete”, and is committed to developing into the largest scale and best qualiry manufacturing company. LANGDONG FILTER EQUIPMENT CO. LTD is a comprehensive company including develop, design, produce, sale and after-service. Equipwell maintain good after sales service to our customers at all time in Malaysia and overseas.

<ul><li>I saw your company in the Water & Wastewater News Online Directory and would lượt thích to have someone contact me.</li><li>Our gelatin filter press has the following special features…</li><li>Finally, some job sites only need a filter press for a short period of time and the mobile press can also satisfy this need.</li></ul>

Our selection provides the right size filter press for your specific project. Some other reasons why some filter presses need to be mobile is because their jobs are always moving. If different tanks need to be filtered at different times a mobile filter press can be used. A job site also may move, and the mobile filter press needs to move with it. Finally, some job sites only need a filter press for a short period of time and the mobile press can also satisfy this need.

Some are made of plastic and look much lượt thích a standard plate; we prefer to use ~3/8” thick flat stock steel and cut an outline of a plate. This is clearly visible when placed in the stack so that all around know that the filter press is not at full capacity. This steel backing plate is then painted with the same two-part epoxy coating as the frame of the filter press. The side beams filter press has been designed and manufactured by Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. to fulfill the requirements of Companies which need simple machines with a very high productivity.Filter …

This pre-squeeze eliminates channeling (cracks and less well-formed areas of the cake) and produces a uniform, homogeneous filter cake and optimum wash efficiency. All the plates, frames & stands are casted size from heavy duty close grained castiron. Our team of sales advisors and engineers will advise you on the best solution for your filtration system and filter press needs.